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When Is a Lab Not a Lab?

A new client reminds all of us that oversight and regulation of vitamins, minerals, and all sorts of dietary supplements sold online can be shockingly inadequate. We were pleased to be able to tell our client that everything in the supplements his company sells checked out correctly. While conducting the work, however, we looked around the Internet to explore how labs generally offer their services in this area – and realized once again that it’s a jungle out there. One lab actually trumpeted its “CLIA-FREE” status, perhaps to reassure customers that they needn’t worry about the government interfering with products they’re buying and ingesting – whatever those products may contain.


Just imagine being the parents of a teenage bodybuilder using dietary supplements to “bulk up.” Concerned, you go online in search of a lab that can analyze whatever is in the stuff your kid is taking. What you find only makes things worse: a proliferation of labs whose goal is the opposite of yours. You want careful analysis and assessment; they want a quick buck, no questions asked.


Choosing a lab is as important as choosing a doctor. When you choose Rhein, you choose accuracy and rigor – and a commitment to science, not quackery.

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