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Hormone Profiling: Accurate, Complete, Clinically Relevant

Scholarly Work

Allocation Advantages

Get comprehensive results without the capital investment in equipment.

Rhein Labs’ sophisticated MS/MS (QQQ) technology gives you the newest GC/MSMS process – the only one suited to broad profiling of steroids, including neutral steroids that do not lend themselves to liquid chromatography (LCMSMS). Active daily in the laboratory, Dr. Frank J. Nordt supports the technology from a depth of expertise unmatched in the field.

Genuine Scholarly Work

In every aspect of quantitative analytical hormone work, Dr. Frank J. Nordt brings you more than 30 years of academic and industry experience, evidenced by numerous publications in top peer-reviewed mainstream journals. No other lab of this kind conducts NIH-supported academic research as well as clinical analytical work. Working with academic teams and private enterprise groups in worldwide locations, Rhein Labs has provided key data and interpretive assistance to research projects backed by NIH as well as other multi-national funding sources.

Follow-through Support

Meticulous, responsible, reproducible results that meet top researchers’ needs are the pride and promise of Rhein Labs. And Rhein Labs does even more, providing intellectual and practical back-up throughout the process: from proposal to execution, analysis, interpretation, and publications.

Your work deserves no less.Rhein Labs provides a unique, independent, cost-effective and scientifically-sound resource for universities involved in teaching or researching the expanding field of complex hormonal balance and interaction.

True Science

Rhein Labs is the leading independent laboratory provider of comprehensive hormone profiling. Rhein Labs employs state-of-the-art hormone profiling utilizing gas chromatography coupled with unequivocal identification and quantification of steroids in urine via mass spectrometry (GC/MS).

This approach to the comprehensive analysis and interpretation of hormone profiling complements and supplements the efforts of your institution of higher learning.

Hormone interaction and analysis is a growing area of endeavor. The profound impact of hormonal balance and interaction upon the physical and emotional health of patients is a relatively new frontier. Rhein Labs has the expertise and the resources to add value to your efforts without further straining your internal resources.

Cost Effective Expertise

Funding curtailment and cost containment paradigm shifts have impacted many aspects of university scientific research. Rhein Labs is a cost-effective alternative to allotting precious resources to internal testing. And Rhein Labs delivers all the advantages of an internationally respected, independent testing laboratory.

Increased Research and Teaching Capacity

Partnering with Rhein Labs will allow you expand your research and teaching capabilities while re-allocating internal resources to other endeavors. This strategy may also assist you in expanding your ability to pursue additional grant and funding opportunities by achieving additional research. With Rhein Labs you broaden your hormone profiling teaching and research activities without sacrificing scientific integrity.

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