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Rhein Labs’ unmatched analytical results are obtained using the GC/QQQ approach – the only suitable instrumentation for broad profiling of steroids, including non-polar molecules that escape LC-MSMS analysis. Rhein meets or exceeds all appropriate FDA standards as required by each client.

The Rhein Labs Difference

Offering absolute discretion and security throughout the collaborative process, Rhein Labs provides results customized to client applications as well as publication, as appropriate, in first-rate, peer-reviewed academic journals.

Expertise in Every Research Setting

Dr. Frank J. Nordt, founder and CEO, works closely with industry researchers to optimize application of results and to support their publication. With years of experience in private pharmaceutical development as well as academic research, Dr. Nordt understands and works effectively with research requirements, processes, and goals as encountered in both public and private undertakings.
The rapidly expanding marketplace for hormone replacement and supplement therapies is becoming a global phenomenon. The long-term key to success for suppliers in this marketplace will be based on research, analysis, testing and effective results. Rhein Labs can be a key partner in your hormone profiling analysis and interpretation stages of development.

True Science

Rhein Labs is the leading independent laboratory provider of comprehensive hormone profiling. Rhein Labs employs state-of-the-art hormone profiling utilizing gas chromatography coupled with unequivocal identification and quantification of steroids in urine via mass spectrometry (GC/MS).

This approach to the comprehensive analysis and interpretation of hormone profiling complements and supplements the efforts of your research and development teams.

Hormone interaction and analysis is a growing area of endeavor. The profound impact of hormonal balance and interaction upon the physical and emotional health of patients is a relatively new frontier. Rhein Labs has the expertise and the resources to add value to your efforts without while giving you the freedom your internal resources to other areas of endeavor.

Cost Effective Expertise

Paradigm shifts in development time linked to marketplace opportunities have impacted how developers allocate resources to new products. Rhein Labs is a cost-effective alternative to allotting precious resources to internal testing and analysis. Rhein Labs delivers all the advantages of an internationally respected, independent testing laboratory at a fraction of the cost for you to do the testing and analysis internally.

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