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If you are a physician, clinician or other healthcare provider seeking the most comprehensive hormone analysis profiling and interpretation for your patients, you will want to work with Rhein Labs.

By identifying Rhein Labs as your independent laboratory hormone-profiling partner, you can assure your patients that they will receive the most comprehensive profiling analysis and interpretation available today. This alliance helps build patient relationship bonds in the knowledge that Rhein Labs is the only independent laboratory offering truly comprehensive hormone profiling, performed on the most advanced instrumentation by highly trained personnel, accompanied by the most deeply informed analytical perspective.

Rhein Labs operates strictly on science. We do not support or espouse any treatment or philosophical approach. Diagnosis and treatment are in the hands of the healthcare provider.

You, the practitioner, own the relationship with your patient.

Your Patient Relationships

Rhein Labs works directly with providers and strongly recommends that patients do the same. Thoroughly qualified healthcare professionals must guide the patient through every stage of the hormone-profiling cycle: initial examination, sampling, profile analysis and interpretation, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring.

You, the practitioner, own the relationship with your patient. Rhein Labs supports that relationship by providing the comprehensive information and analysis you need to pinpoint optimally effective diagnosis and treatment for each individual patient.

All too often, they’re making nonscientific claims — carefully worded, but frequently irresponsible — about the anti-aging benefits of hormonal supplement treatment.

Patients Are Being Lured to Irresponsible Therapies

The Internet provides ample opportunities for the public to obtain unlimited information—and misinformation—about medical problems and conditions. In the realm of hormone therapy, we believe there is more bad information available than factual, responsible information. This has led to a digital marketplace in which self-prescribed therapy products are sold indiscriminately and unscrupulously to credulous consumers who often are desperate to feel better.

At the same time, as the population ages, Internet marketers are jumping on the anti-aging bandwagon. All too often, they’re making nonscientific claims — carefully worded, but frequently irresponsible — about the anti-aging benefits of hormonal supplement treatment.

This is a marketing bonanza for sellers, but a dangerous landscape for patients. A growing number of web-based vendors are recklessly providing hormone supplements and other products directly to consumers, based on the results of online “self-diagnosis” quizzes.

Clinicians, too, sometimes demonstrate questionable associations. Some are professionally and/or personally involved with laboratories and, often, with pharmacies. This “integrated” approach is in face a marketing ploy. Hormone testing, when offered along with a range of products purporting to solve whatever problems the test may reveal, adds up to a one-stop-shopping healthcare hoax. The mail-order treatment of these patients relies more upon the dynamics of the marketplace than the reality of scientific analysis using 24-hour USHP testing.

Rhein Labs does not consider these practices to be beneficial – not to patients, not to the medical profession.

Leverage Rhein’s Expertise to Build Your Practice

Incomplete, uninterpreted or poorly communicated hormone profiling, like results obtained from unreliable matrices, actually hinders the practitioner’s ability to make fully informed diagnostic and treatment decisions. The wise practitioner, instead, can leverage the comprehensive scientific thoroughness of Rhein Labs hormone profiling to build confidence levels among current and new patients.

Rhein Labs Provider Interface

Rhein Labs staff makes it easy for your personnel to interface with the laboratory. Our staff has an in-depth understanding of your needs and those of your patients.

We work with patients to obtain the fullest possible reimbursement from their insurance plans.

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