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Comprehensive Hormone Profiling

Measuring your patients’ hormone levels fully and accurately is indispensible to offering an informed diagnosis and effective treatment. Only Rhein Labs’ hormone profile does the job.

In Rhein Labs’ proprietary approach to hormone profiling, estrogens, androgens and corticosteroids are evaluated as the integrated system of free, biologically active steroids they in fact are.

Endocrinologists, ob-gyns, gerontologists, internists, anti-aging and women’s health specialists can particularly benefit from use of this in-depth, 24-hour USHP (urinary steroid hormone profile), developed by Dr. Frank J. Nordt.

Rapid Turnaround

In just 3 to 7 business days from receipt of sample, Rhein Labs’ comprehensive 24-hour USHP provides the accurate, responsible information necessary to optimize bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) and other pharmacological interventions, as well as treatment for a host of other hormone-related conditions. Dr. Nordt is available to personally discuss patient results with practitioners.

Health Insurance Reimbursement

Rhein Labs’ office staff provides efficient, effective customer service to patients as well as practitioners, with attention to patients’ questions and concerns. Rhein Labs’ 24-hour USHP qualifies widely for insurance reimbursement. We will submit your patient’s claim to insurance for the fullest allowable reimbursement subject to policy terms.

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