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For Patients

Comprehensive Hormone Profiling

Estrogens, testosterone, cortisol, and other sex and adrenal stress hormones work together as a complex system in both men and women. Examining your hormonal balance is just as important as measuring hormone levels. Measuring only one or two hormones reveals nothing about the true balance and interaction of hormones in your body. Only Rhein Labs’ exclusive 24-hour USHP (urinary steroid hormone profile) examines your hormones as the free, biologically active entities they are. Only Rhein Labs’ hormone profile gives your healthcare practitioner the information necessary to restore and maintain healthy hormone levels.

Get Better Information Sooner

Rhein Labs is fully compliant with federal CLIA 88 regulations to assure the most rigorous standards are met or exceeded. Our rapid response is unequalled. Patient results are available in just 3-7 business days after we receive a sample. Fast, accurate service is Rhein Labs’ hallmark.

Using Your Insurance

At Rhein Labs, we understand the importance of insurance reimbursement. Rhein Labs’ hormone profile test qualifies for reimbursement by all major insurance plans, subject to policy terms.

We submit all patients’ claims to their insurance company, assisting as necessary to obtain the fullest available reimbursement.

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