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Hormone Profiling: Where Hormone Health Begins


Who Benefits From Hormone Profiling?

Whether you are a patient, provider, or researcher in medical, pharmaceutical or basic science, the ultimate beneficiaries of Rhein Labs’ comprehensive hormone profile are people whose well-being is improved through an understanding of hormone health.

The Science Behind Hormone Profiling

Experience plus innovation: this is the Rhein Labs advantage.

The process of understanding complex hormonal interactions and balances – and their crucial importance for overall health — begins with measuring accurately the patient’s levels of all relevant sex and adrenal hormones. The resulting data undergoes expert analytical interpretation, the findings of which must be conveyed to the client in a comprehensible, clinically useful fashion.

Rhein Labs developed the first and most effective protocol for precisely measuring these hormone levels, interpreting the data, presenting the results in a visually informative profile, and supporting practitioners in mastery of patient hormone management.

Rhein Labs continues to innovate by implementing the most advanced instrumentation available for its measurement and analytical work. Only Rhein Labs provides results in just 3-7 business days. Only Rhein Labs works integrally with leading academic and industry researchers as well as clinical practitioners.

Experience plus innovation: this is the Rhein Labs advantage. This is why Rhein Labs is the global leader in comprehensive hormone profiling and data interpretation.

Why Choose Rhein Labs?

Rhein Labs delivers the most comprehensive, accurate, clinically relevant and reproducible hormone profiling results and analyses to professionals in healthcare, research, and industry. Healthcare providers use this powerful information to benefit their patients; researchers in academia and industry apply results to advancement of scholarly work and development of new products and pharmaceuticals.

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